Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Nunu Make up Face & Eye Set

The brushes look similar to my Mac brushes, but these ones are a lot cheaper. All the brushes have a black handle and a silver ferrule and the Nunu Make up logo imprinted on them. I washed them and experienced minimal shedding only at the powder brush.
Now i've tried the brushes for almost three weeks and i'm impressed. They are good quality for an afordable price. I love the brushes, the handles are long which you like or don't like.

NuNu makeup brushes are only available from but shipping is worldwide.

washing the brushes
When i washed them for the first time I experienced minimal shedding only at the powder brush. Now I shampooed them once a week for about three weeks and there really isn't any shedding.
I used baby shampoo for deep cleaning and Mac's brush cleanser for spot cleaning and no bleeding or weird smell.
The brushes don't have names, only the Nunu Make up logo and a number is imprinted on them.

Nunu Pro - 10 "powder brush"
Super soft, nicely cut bristles and nice density. I like the brush for setting my foundation with powder or to apply my bronzer

Nunu Pro - 15 "Duo Fibre brush"
I like the brush for applying my liquid foundation or my cream blushes. It is also great for a light application of blush or highlight

Nunu Pro - 30 "foundation brush"
Just a normal foundation brush with synthetic bristles tightly packed. It won't absorb too much product and saves you from wasting your foundation. I don't use it for my foundation, but for concealer and it is perfect.

Nunu Pro-50 "blending brush"
Fluffy, long crease brush. Amazing colour fade on your crease. And this brush is also nice for applying cream concealer or cream shadows.

Nunu Pro-60 "eyeshadow brush"

This is my favourite brush of all. It is great for packing on colour to your lid. The bristles are dense and nicely cut and it also helps to blend out the edges.

Nunu Pro-63 "pencil brush"
This brush i use for applying colour to my lower lashline, putting on shadow for liner or even in my crease. It has a really pointed tip.
Nunu Pro-70 "angled brush"
This brush can be used for putting on gel eyeliner or filling in eyebrows. I like this brush for filling in my eyebrows. I only use this for my eyeliner to create a winged liner look

Nunu Pro-62 "precision brush"
This brush is perfect for putting on eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye in my opinion. It creates a really precise application. Youn can even use it to apply colour to your lower lashline. 

The eight brushes (Face & Eye Set) retail for just $ 49.00. I think this is a really good deal and these brushes are nearly half the price of my Mac brushes. Shipping is also fast and they arrived in 12 days (Germany)

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  1. öööh, auf englisch?! nich dass ich kein englisch könnte, aber warum??
    lg, angelina

  2. @Angelina
    Das Set wurde mir freundlicherweise vom amerikanischen Shop zur Verfügung gestellt und für die Kooperation habe ich mir gedacht, meinen Post auf englisch zu verfassen.